"My son has autism, is non-verbal, and unaware of the world around him. Recently he received Masgutova Method from Boutaina Rosen. He received intense therapy, 7 hours a day for 6 days, totaling 42 hours and his life has changed. Among the things that have changed in him include: sleeping much better, no longer waking up in the middle of the night, responding to his name the first time, walking more by himself instead of needing to be carried all the time, more aware of his home and school schedule, understanding when to eat, bathe, etc., and much more things that only a mom can explain.  She has been invaluable in the development of his growth and happiness. The Masgutova work is wonderful, but Boutaina is a kind and wonderful person who provides the work in a safe, special, and meaningful way for the child, which makes her unique. Thank you Boutaina!"

-- Parent of Joshua, 5 years old, Autistic since birth

"Our daughter Kaitlyn is three and a half years old and was born 13 weeks prematurely, weighing just 1.5 pounds. When we took her to see Boutaina, within the first week Kaitlyn's language just took off. Before our visits she often spoke in single word sentences, after working with Boutaina she started speaking with multi-word sentences.

Kaitlyn's teacher also noticed the change. Kaitlyn had begun special education, attending one week. When we returned to school after a two-week break during which we saw Boutaina for 5 sessions, the teacher said she felt Kaitlyn was communicating more, expressing herself more clearly and sitting better at circle time.

Kaitlyn is very hyperactive. As soon as she sees Boutaina she tends to really mellow out and as soon as the treatment starts she becomes quiet and calm. My husband and I were especially impressed because she’s never really quieted down for anybody. After one of the visits, upon seeing Dad, Kaitlyn asked to be held by dad and actually sat calmly on dad's chest for about a minute, which has never happened before. Dad was happily in shock!

Also she’s never been the inquisitive type, but she started to ask questions about everything since seeing Boutaina. She also has more self-help skills. Since working with Boutaina she appears more coordinated, stumbling and walking into things less. Before she didn’t have great control of her fingers but now she is putting on her own socks, doing zippers and she's even attempting buttons. I don’t know if it is related but she hadn’t gained weight for 10 months but then gained a pound after seeing Boutaina.

We feel the work Boutaina does with Kaitlyn in combination with the special education is making a difference. In the last 3 months we are delighted to see her doing better than we expected. We feel very hopeful. Boutaina is calming and generous and children thrive in her care, so I wholeheartedly recommend her. For other parents out there I would recommend you take your child in for a couple of sessions and see Boutaina’s work for yourself."

-- Liz McCarthy, mother of Kaitlyn, 3 years old, premature birth

"I highly recommend working with Boutaina Rosen. My 7 year old son was born premature and is visually-impaired . Before we began working with Boutaina he used to walk with his head tilted to the side. After 9 months of working with her his posture is more upright and he definitely has better balance and body awareness.

His behavior has changed to be calmer and he shows greater empathy. Now he will go up to a child and who has been sick and say “are you better now”,  which he never did before. He also shows his emotions more and is able to say “I’m really feeling grumpy and I don’t want to talk about it right now”, which is a great improvement.

I appreciate that Boutaina shows me what she is doing with my son on my body so I can feel how good it feels:  it is like a super luxurious massage for your child. Her work reminds me of how I feel after a massage -- really relaxed, my brain works better because my circulation works better, and I’m more aware and alert of what’s going on around me.

In addition, Boutaina is extremely generous and flexible and very attentive to our family’s needs. Most parents like us seek multiple providers to get the best combination of care for our children. I feel Boutaina’s work with my son is an important element that continues to improve his quality of life."
-- Nina Mayerhofer, mother of 7-year old visually-impaired son

"What impresses me most about Boutaina is the genuine loving attachment she develops with each child she works with. She operates her practice with great integrity. Boutaina has been working with my daughter, Kaitlin for almost two years now. Kaitlin suffered extensive left brain damage as a a result of a bacterial meningitis infection at the age of four months old. When we brought Kaitlin home from the hospital, she had little to no volitional movement. Kaitlin is a much different person now. She is definitely evolving into her own person on a daily basis. She is definitely more alert. She is more interactive as exhibited by her ability to vocalize when she wants attention and she smiles more than ever. She is able to track objects better at various distances. Her hand and arm movements are more volitional. She is developing fine motor skills with her hands and arms. Boutaina's ability to integrate the Feldenkrais, Anat Baniel, and Masgutova methods in her practice makes her a true asset to Kaitlin's interdisciplinary care team. I consider it a great privilege to have her working on my daughter."

-- Maria Perez, mother of Kaitlyn, 3 years old, with global brain damage

"I have also experienced this method and I have found it helps professionals like myself  feel more organized, calm and able to help others.Boutaina is amazing."

-- Karen Kaplan, Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultant

"It is so evident that Boutaina is passionate about helping children with special needs.  Our son with autism was having anxiety and consequently using a lot of echolalia. Boutaina's amazing touch must have had a profound effect on him because we no longer struggle with this repetitive speech. He looks forward to seeing her and we are so very grateful!"

-- Kelly Gelenter, mother of Edward

"It is without hesitation and with confidence that I recommend Boutaina Rosen as a sensitive, talented and accomplished practitioner to work with children and adults. Her capabilities are broad in scope and in my opinion, will produce dramatic positive changes resulting in improved function and performance at all levels.
 My 8 year old daughter, Carolina and I have worked with Boutaina on a regular basis for several months with extra-ordinary results.

Boutaina has improved dramatically Carolina’s developing myopia or short-sightedness (she is a passionate and constant reader) and has also elevated her academic performance in other areas such as mathematics. As a result of Boutaina’s work, Carolina is more content, relaxed, more ‘herself’ and less stressed by her own desire to be successful. Carolina has maintained her usual levels of heightened sensitivity and intuitiveness and now communicates very effectively her concerns and comfort levels around undertaking activities and challenges. Carolina loves her ‘massages’ with Boutaina and looks forward to her weekly session.
My work with Boutaina has been equally enjoyable and productive. (I feel that she has the capability to press the ‘reset’ button on a computer that is constantly ‘loading’). I have become more successful personally and professionally through her work and have made great progress on goals/intentions in the last few months that previously seemed elusive.

I have had my own business as a personal trainer for 27 years, have competed as a professional athlete and have a background in psychology. I work in the area of fitness with children and youth. Throughout the last quarter of a century, I have closely experienced our culture begin to understand, believe in and gather concrete research results about the inter-connectivity of physiological, psychological , psychosocial and emotional responses. Boutaina’s work is in this developing field of study.

Boutaina’s high level of training in several well-known and well-regarded methods including Feldenkrais, Anat Baniel and Masgutova combined with her intuition, and her ethics, produce results that are nothing short of remarkable! Thank you Boutaina."

-- Sharon L. Andrade, Andrade Training Studio, Larkspur, CA

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