Our first meeting is a complimentary 1/2 hour session set aside for you and I to see how I can best help you with your specific needs and those of your child. I have offered several treatment packages to accommodate your types of challenges and time frame schedules.


The Intensive consists of four consecutive days of treatment - four hours per day, and one hour of Biodynamic Craniosacral each evening for seven evenings. This is the most effective way to get immediate, maximum results. This time frame allows for a collective of in-depth techniques that require more observation and listening skills. These  include Neuro-Structural Reflex Integration,  Neuro-Tactile Integration, art Therapy, Balancing board for motor skills, visual and cognitive development and The Castillo Morales Method for oro-facial.

The child has the benefit of intense integration with consistent support and love from the family. There is a unique and necessary bonding that is created and educational guidance provided for the parents is invaluable. Integral Treatment is then available on a weekly to monthly basis to continue to integrate the therapy.


The Semi-Intensive offers the same six-hour day and one-hour evening session for a total of 3 days and 4 nights. I understand that not all parents are able to commit to a full week of therapy in their already busy lives and this is still a powerful and effective option to "get ahead" of highly disruptive or intense behaviors before continuing with Integral Treatment.

Integral Treatment

The Integral Treatment is a way to integrate the body, mind learning throughout the children’s first month to 6 months of treatment.  The Integral Treatment is best used after an intensive or semi-intensive but many of you may also option to use this as a form of on-going therapy. There are monthly and 6 months packages available.

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